PhD students

I am interested in supervising students in the following areas: sexual health/ HIV; identity construction & management (especially in relation to sexuality, ethnicity and religion); prejudice & intergroup relations; mental health; wellbeing in marginalised groups in societies.

I currently supervise the following students:

  • Moubadda Assi MSc (PhD in Public Health): Sexual identity, behaviour and health outcomes among men who have sex with men in Lebanon.

  • Andrew Bradbury MSc (PhD in Psychology): Sexual Risk-Taking among Young People.

  • Anthony Gifford MSc (PhD in Psychology): Decision-making regarding PrEP uptake in gay and bisexual men

  • Dr Ismael Maatouk MD MPH (PhD in Public Health): Mental health and sexual health outcomes in bisexual men in Lebanon.

  • Razina Mamadbai MSc (PhD in Psychology): The impact of cultural honour on identity, interpersonal relations and mental health among British South Asians.

  • Simran Roshan (PhD in Public Health): Vaccination hesitancy in ethnic minority communties in the UK

If you are interested in doing a PhD under my supervision, please do get in touch here.